Conference Registration Fee
Authors Listeners
Early Bird Rate  (before Mar.18, 2019) USD 419 USD 269
Regular Rate USD 469 USD 289
*Authors please complete the payment before April 08, 2019
*No hard copy of the conference program will be given if you complete the registration fee later than May 05, 2019.
Socializing Event on June 04, 2019 (Optional )
Conference Delegates USD 75
Accompanying friends & family USD 85
Child under 12 years old USD 70
For more information of Socializing Event, please check HERE
The Registration Fee includes:

Authors Listeners
a. Paper presentation
b. Proceedings (PDF in USB)
c. Attendance to all sessions
d. Conference program
e. Name badge
f. Certificate of Presentation
g. Conference bag
h. Lunches and coffee breaks
a. Proceedings (PDF in USB)
b. Attendance to all sessions
c. Conference program
d. Name badge
e. Certificate of Attendance
f. Conference bag
g. Lunches and coffee breaks


BREFM organizer hereby reiterates that we are NOT authorized to assist with any VISA application works, provides ONLY Invitation Letter issued by the Conference Committee Board. Please read Visa Declaration carefully.

No refunds will be issued by BREFM for any reason. Please take this into consideration before complete the payment.


  • The hardcopy receipt will not be provided.
  • Please download it in the Member Center by clicking Download Acceptance Letter & Receipt
  • If you need a hard copy proof of the payment, please print it out and bring it to the conference registration desk for a stamp.
  • For other specific requests, please email to


The organizer committee issue only ONE certificate to participants who complete their registration. For example:

When 2 co-authors both complete their registraiton fee, they will receive 2 certificate of presentation seprarately.

If only 1 author complete the payment, he/she will be issued one certificate of presentation and other co-author won't be issued the certificate.

Certificate of Presentation --> for Authors

Certificate of Attendance--> for Listeners

If you need both "Certificate of Presentation" and "Certificate of Attendance", please email to secretariat in advance:

*A certificate of presentation / attendance includes participant’s name and affiliation, certifying the participation in the conference.

*A certificate of presentation indicates a presenter’s name, affiliation and the paper title that is presented in the scheduled session.

Certificate Distribution

Oral presenters will receive a certificate of presentation from the session chair after their presentations or in the end of the session. Poster presenters will receive a certificate of presentation from the conference staff in the end of their poster session.

The certificate of presentation will not be issued, either at or after the conference, to authors whose papers are registered but not presented. Instead, the certificate of attendance will be provided after the conference.

If authors are not able to present their papers due to unavoidable circumstances, they shall provide the official certification document to request for the certificate of presentation. For more details, please contact the conference secretariat at


Both author and listener are required to complete the registration payment in the Member Center. GO to Member Center

For Listeners, please log in on Member Center and click "Audience Registration" to register as a listener.

Method of payment

1) Bank transfer: Account information will be informed if required.
2) Credit Card: Payment can be made online via PayPal. The instruction and permission of online payment will be provided along with the acceptance/ invitation letters.

Payment Calculation

Each participant needs to pay the registration fee. For example:

An author with one accepted paper needs to pay US$ 419/469(*). The co-author of the same paper shall make the payment US$ 419/469(*) individually if he/she will present the paper together in the conference.

If an author have more than one accepted paper to present, he/she will have to make the payment US$ 419/469(*) for each paper.

*Price will be varied depending on the rate of different period.

(Authors: Early Bird US$ 419/ Regular US$ 469)

(Listeners: Early Bird US$ 269/ Regular US$ 289)