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The special session "SMART CITY AND GREEN LIFE"and academic sessions will cover a wide range of topics related to the theme, including but not limited to:
Business models for sustainable urban development:
how innovation in business models can promote sustainable urban development, for example in areas such as green buildings, renewable energy, and eco-friendly products;
Economic benefits of smart city and data management:
how smart city and data management can promote and impact urban economies;
The impact of environmental protection and sustainability on finance and investment:
how environmental protection and sustainability impact financial and investment decision-making, for example in areas such as green finance and socially responsible investment;
Green supply chain management:
how environmental protection and sustainability impact supply chain management, for example in logistics, production, and supplier selection;
Management of smart cities and sustainable lifestyles:
how management measures can promote the realization of smart cities and sustainable lifestyles, for example in areas such as urban planning, community participation, and government policies.
Sustainable development strategies for smart cities and green living:
how to develop sustainable development strategies to promote the realization of smart cities and green living;
Commercialization of smart city technologies:
how to promote and apply smart city technologies through commercialization, increasing their commercial value;
Economic analysis of green consumption and consumer behavior:
the impact of green consumption and consumer behavior on the market and economy;
Urban governance for smart cities and green living:
the importance of urban governance for the realization of smart cities and green living and sustainable development;
Green business and corporate social responsibility:
the contributions and impact of green businesses and corporate social responsibility to sustainable development.
Business Session:
Accounting/ Auditing/ Business Analytics/ Business Ethics/ Business Law/ Business Strategy / Corporate Finance/ Corporate Governance/ Cost Accounting/ Econometrics/ Entrepreneurship / Financial Accounting/ Human Resource Management/ Industrial Relations/ Information Systems/ International Business/ Investment Management/ Managerial Accounting/ Management Information Systems/ Marketing Management/ Operations Management/ Organizational Behavior/ Organizational Theory/ Project Management/ Public Relations/ Risk Management/ Sales Management/ Strategic Management/ Supply Chain Management/ Taxation.
Economics Session:
Macroeconomics / Microeconomics /International Trade /Development Economics /Financial Economics/ Labor Economics/ Public Economics /Health Economics / Energy Economics / Environmental Economics /Taxation Economics /Agricultural Economics /Natural Resource Economics /Experimental Economics / Industrial Organization Economics /Technology and Innovation Economics /Econometrics /Economic History /Socioeconomics /Economic Geography /Law and Economics/ Financial Markets /Debt Markets /Money Markets / Risk Management / Investment Theory/ Capital Markets /Property Rights Economics /Behavioral Economics / Economic Policy
Finance Session:
Corporate Finance / Investment Banking/ Financial Management/ Risk Management/ Financial Analysis/ Capital Markets/ Wealth Management/ International Finance/ Behavioral Finance Financial Planning / Portfolio Management/ Quantitative Finance/ Insurance/ Real Estate Finance / Asset Pricing/ Financial Intermediation/ Financial Econometrics/ Alternative Investments / Financial Markets/ Fixed Income/ Banking/ Financial Engineering/ Valuation/ Financial / Accounting/ Hedge Funds/ Private Equity/ Empirical Finance/ Public Finance/ Financial Technology (FinTech)
Management Session:
Strategic management/ Operations management/ Human resource management/ Financial management/ Marketing management/ International management/ Entrepreneurship/ Innovation management/ Supply chain management/ Project management/ Quality management/ Risk management/ Change management/ Knowledge management/ Information technology management/ Organizational behavior/ Organizational development/ Organizational theory/ Corporate governance/ Corporate social responsibility/ Leadership studies/ Performance management/ Conflict resolution/ Diversity management/ Time management/ Talent management/ Coaching and mentoring/ Decision making/ Ethics and values/ Public administration
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